Extra Curricular Activities & Clubs


Extracurricular activities are voluntary and students who participate do not receive a grade for the activity.  Typically, extracurricular activities occur after school hours, but some, like chorus, may also occur during the school day.  In September of each year, the school administrator will publish a list of extracurricular activities that have been approved for that school year. Eligibility requirements will be reviewed with the coaches and advisors as soon as these individuals have been approved by the board.  Students must be passing all subjects if they are to participate in extracurricular activities. Students who are failing a subject at the end of a marking period or when progress reports are completed will be ineligible to participate until the next marking period. Extra curricular activites are open to students in grades 5-8. 


Art Club
Advisor - Mrs. Terry Gossin
The Art Club is open for students with an interest in art. The Club is in the planning stages of a mural painting in the Multi-purpose Room.  The theme will be discussed, sketched, and voted upon by the members of the Art Club over the next few weeks.

First Lego League

Advisors: Mrs. Jacquelyn Hemsley & Mrs. Samantha Tuller
First Lego League (FLL) is a Lego robotics club where members will build a robot that will complete a task. Teams will compete in local competitions. Club members will have fun working together to build the robot and solve problems along the way

Junior National Honor Society
Advisor - Mrs. Megen Brovero
This is a group of 7th and 8th grade students who have maintained A's and B's consistently for 6 consecutive marking periods.  They are then reviewed by a faculty panel for leadership, citizenship, character, and service.  This is a service organization.  The students give up their lunch period to tutor their peers, collect hat day money, and organize and run the Senior Event with the Student Government.

Media Club
Advisor - Mr. Chris Cullen
This after-school activity will involve upper wing students in using a variety of electronic media, focusing on video and digital photography.  Club members will meet one day per week from dismissal to 4:30 p.m. to record videos, produce DVDs, practice digital photography, and discover new available media equipment.  Club members will be able to record school events for publication, produce their own video projects, and practice a variety of photography skills!  It is planned to begin in October.                                                                          

Municipal Alliance
Advisor - Mrs. Tiffany Sciorillo
Students work with community members, law enforcement officials, and staff to develop strategies and activities that will encourage a drug-free lifestyle. 

Newspaper Club
Advisor - Ms. Margaret Dutill
The 5th & 6th Grade Newspaper Club will meet on Wednesdays after school. The purpose of the club is to provide students with the opportunity to develop writing skills and to perform a service to the school by informing the student body of newsworthy events. 

Peer Education Program
Advisor - Mrs. Tiffany Sciorillo
Students in eighth grade teach lessons and work with students in lower grades.

Peer Mediation
Advisor - Mrs. Tiffany Sciorillo
Students in seventh and eighth grade work with the guidance counselor to mediate recurring problems and conflicts.

ROGATE (Research Opportunities in Gifted & Talented Education)
Advisor - Mrs. Kriss Donahue
Students in grades 6-8 who participate in ROGATE here at Upper Pittsgrove are offered opportunities to explore the SAT exam and if they choose, they may schedule and take the exam at their own convenience. They also have the opportunity to attend one Academic Interest Lecture held on a college campus and presented by a college professor. There is a tuition fee for each student who plans to participate.   

Safety Patrol
Advisor - Mrs. Laurel Hickman
Students monitor hallways and buses for safety.

Science Fair Club
Advisor - Mrs. Danielle Taulane
Students in grades 6-8 who wish to receive help with their science fair projects may join the Science Fair Club. The club will meet before and after school from September - December. Please contact Mrs. Taulane for more information. 

Spanish Club
Advisor - Ms. Martha Arrizon
All middle school students are invited to join the Spanish Club for a year of fun while exploring Hispanic Culture. The purpose of the club is to provide the opportunity for members to increase their knowledge and awareness of the Spanish-speaking world. At each meeting we will devote some time to learn from each other and help each other. Bring your questions and share your knowledge.

Student Government
Advisor - Mrs. Marisa Rodgers
Student representatives from each grade level in grades 5-8 meet to discuss school climate, environment, community and safety.

Advisor - Mrs. Rita Bowen
Students help with the yearbook development from mid-term to Spring for publication and delivery in June.