Extracurricular activities are voluntary and students who participate do not receive a grade
for the activity.  Typically, extracurricular activities occur after school hours, but some
may also occur during the school day.  In September of each year, the school administrator
will publish a list of extracurricular activities that have been approved for that school year. 
Eligibility requirements will be reviewed with the coaches and advisors as soon as these individuals
have been approved by the board.  Students must be passing all subjects if they
are to participate in extracurricular activities.  Students who are failing a subject at
the end of a marking period or when progress reports are completed, will be ineligible
to participate until the next marking period.
Extra curricular activities are open to students in grades 5-8.




Boys Basketball
Coach (JV & Varsity) - Mr. Jerry Mentzer

Boys compete with other local teams.
Practices begin in November. 



Girls Basketball
Coach (JV & Varsity) - Mr. Tom Miller

Girls compete with other local teams.
Practices begin in the Fall.