Mr. Scott Eckstein, Chief School Administrator

856-358-8163, Ext. 1000

Mr. Philip McFarland, Assistant Principal

856-358-8163, Ext. 1002


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Teacher Evaluation


The District Business Office is responsible for the financial operations of the District. These include:

  • Administration of accounts payable and receivable;
  • Payroll and employee benefits administration;
  • Development and administration of school budgets;
  • Required State and Federal financial accountability and reporting;
  • Oversight and administration of the District food service program;
  • Oversight and administration of the District transportation;
  • Oversight of Building & Grounds maintenance and operations;
  • Oversight of the Latchkey Program.

The Upper Pittsgrove School District Business Administrator is Mrs. Lisa DiNovi, who also serves as the Board Secretary and liaison to the Board of Education. All inquiries regarding school board elections and other Board of Education matters can be made through the Business Office which is open Monday, Wednesday and Tuesday from 8:30AM to 4:00PM. The office can be reached by calling 856-358-8163. 


OPRA Request Form


Mrs. Lisa DiNovi, Business Administrator

                                                                                                        856-358-8163, Ext. 1017


                                                                   Mrs. Melissa Conover, Assistant to the Business Administrator

                                                                                                     856-358-8163, Ext. 1018